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hi there. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. >> starting to get old for some, but we're talking about the cold. meteorologist christina loren, you're saying one more night of freezing temperatures this week. >> one more night of temperatures, yeah, in the 20s and low 30s. of course, the usual suspects like the north bay will still hit lows in the freezing range, but most cities that don't traditionally get this cold this early in the season. for instance, here in san jose, we're going to fall back to the 40s as lows, trading out the 20s and 30s. it has been brutal. and as we head throughout the night tonight, do want to put this on your map. it's 40s degrees in santa rosa. temperatures are going to be chilly there today. it's a spare the air day. a winter spare the air alert has
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been called, and we have unhealthy levels of pollutants in the north bay. keep this in mind. we could be looking at this trend every single day this week with really bad air quality headed our way. if you suffer from respiratory issues, stay close to the forecast all week long. this is just our first spare the air day so far this week. we could be looking at them every single day, all the way through thursday. highs today only in the 40s. tonight we have another freeze warning in place. should be the last one. i'll let you know how cold it's going to be where you live and when we might see the return of some showers here in the bay area. that's all coming up. right now, back to your, terry and laura. >> christina, thanks very much. with temperatures starting to climb back up, this will be the last day warming shelters in santa clara county are going to be open 24 hours a day. tomorrow morning the shelters in san jose, sunny vail and gilroy will close in the morning. they'll reopen tomorrow afternoon. last week four homeless people died because of the freezing temperatures in santa clara
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county. the coroner is report nothing deaths this past weekend because of the cold. >> and it's not just cold here in the bay area. an historic ice storm hit the south and northwest. nbc bay area's christie smith is live at sfo where there are flight cancellations. >> reporter: good morning. it's finally starting to warm up just a little bit. i think we're in the 40s. a far cry from the 26 degrees i woke up to in the east bay this morning. but as you said, weather in other parts of the country still causing problems here at sfo with cancellations and delays. in fact, we were surprised to find a group of niners fans who can't get home. they moved as quickly as they could, only to be delayed. a ho-hum wait for 49ers fans who don't even call the bay area home. >> in texas, a lot of the businesses and schools are closed. there's quite a bit of ice out there. >> reporter: all the way from texas, they caught a great game as the niners defeated the seahawks, but they really wanted to see a bit of history.
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>> candlestick is closing this year, so i wanted to come at least once. >> reporter: at dallas-ft. worth, hundreds of flights delayed as crews tried to clear the runways. that ripple effect by late morning meant more than a dozen cancellations or delays at sfo. dallas, washington, philly, and -- >> shreveport. >> just to see the niners? >> that's my team. i love the 49ers. >> did you have a tough time getting out of shreveport because of the weather? >> yeah, actually, i had to change my flight from dallas to houston. >> reporter: and he's delayed going home. some travelers rolled out the sleeping bags. that icy arctic blast in the northeast causing more than 600 cancellations across the country. >> it was miserable for us, but we did it for our children because we love them. >> reporter: and they love the team. frank gore's breakaway run, the winning field goal, they'll get plenty of time to reminisce waiting on a flight. >> 6:50 then 7:50 then possibly 10:00, now a 3:30.
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>> reporter: and i checked the board for the afternoon. already seeing some cancellations again tied to dallas. a flight at 1:25, 2:25, 4:25 and 7:50. haven't heard back from oakland yet this morning, but there are six cancellations already today in san jose. reporting live at sfo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, christie. in the meantime, some of those texans are going back to this. not just travel problems, freezing temperatures. that's amazing video out of plano, texas. huge sheets of ice just falling from the five-story building. it's remarkable to watch, isn't it? and surprisingly no one was hurt. certainly didn't want to get caught underneath that. you can track the cross-country snowstorm. get your local forecast on our website, just click on the weather tab. there you can see temperature maps. you can even sign up to get your forecast e-mailed to you.
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again, that's just search weather. a house under renovation on the peninsula burned down this morning. take a look at some cell phone video of the fire before the fire department even got there. neighbors and the fire department were surprised at how fast this home up on the corner of bell and capital in east palo alto. you can see the structure was fully involved. when the fire department arrived, they could not save the house. they immediately went on the defensive to protect the garage and home next door. he could not believe his house didn't go down as well. >> how fast it took off, just right when i woke up, bam, it was right there. smacked us in our face. >> you guys are lucky. >> yeah, i know. it started catching our house, but we got lucky. that was crazy. i thought our house was about to burn down really. >> the homeowner has been living in the garage while his house is being renovated. he was away at the time of the fire. the fire investigator trying to determine the cause, but the fire chief tells us he thinks
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it's odd that this home was so fully involved so soon after ignition. the 21-year-old accused of killing a man and steali ining playstation 4 will be in court today. ronnie collins made arrangements online to meet up with a 22-year-old in san francisco to buy his playstation 4 earlier this month. when the two met up in the bay view district, police say collins shot the man. collins was in court last week but did not enter a plea. we have an update for you on the deputy who shot and killed a santa rosa teenager last month. "the press democrat" is reporting that deputy will return to work this week. he won't be out in the field but rather on desk duty. he's been on leave since october 22nd. the deputy says he thought 13-year-old andy lopez was carrying an ak-47 when he shot him. that gun was, in fact, an airsoft bb gun made to look real. in response to the deputy's return, the justice for andy lopez facebook page is calling for a protest at the santa rosa city council tomorrow afternoon. also in sonoma county,
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deputies will continue their investigation into human remains found at shilo regional park. yesterday afternoon a father called the sheriffs office saying he and his two children spotted a human skull and tennis shoe in a creek bed. deputies also found other skeletal remains under leaves nearby. new details this morning about the deadly asiana airlines crash at sfo. "the chronicle" is reporting that three fire department commanders in charge of rescue efforts after the crash never took a required training course for aircraft disasters. the fire chief said it was not vital for commanders to take the disaster course, calling it very specialized training. meantime, tomorrow in washington, d.c., federal officials plan to hear from witnesses, the faa, boeing, and others about the crash. the four pilots on board will not be attending that hearing. three teenagers were killed and more than 180 passengers were injured when that plane crashed. nbc bay area's investigative unit is heading to washington, d.c. for the hearings. steven stock will have live
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reports on the investigation starting tomorrow morning on today in the bay. continuing coverage of the palo alto veteran release from north korea. some experts say that nation may have gained something from the high-profile case of merrill newman. the 85-year-old returned home this past weekend. he was detained for more than a month accused of crimes dating back to the korean war. after being forced to publicly apologize, the government deported him on what it called humanitarian grounds. one expert says that apology may show how powerful the government is. >> they can use that information to demonstrate to the population that they, the regime, is in control and it can extract confessions from americans. >> while merrill newman is a free man, north korea continues to hold another american citizen, kenneth bae. bae has been sentenced to 15 years for hostile acts against the communist state.
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president obama and first lady michelle are on their way to south africa to attend nelson mandela's memorial service. mean tile, tributes to the anti-apartheid icon continue to pour in. nbc's ron allen has more. >> reporter: the celebration of the life of nelson mandela continues now for yet another day. >> i'm very proud to be a south african. >> reporter: all this in anticipation of a huge event tomorrow, the memorial service at the main soccer stadium here. it seats 80,000 to 100,000 people. there will be world leaders from across the globe, dozens of them, including president obama, former presidents clinton, bush, and carter. for the past few days, there's been an outpouring of emotion. it's mostly been celebration also mixed with grief and mourning. but most people here are trying to focus on the positive and focus on the legacy of nelson mandela. >> i decided to come and pay
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respects for actually teaching me to look beyond color, to learn how to forgive. >> that is what nelson mandela was and is, actually, still. bringing people together despite their differences. >> reporter: it's a week-long series of events. the memorial service tomorrow. then his body will lie in state for a while. then the final state official funeral in his hometown in the eastern cape province of south africa. a distant part of this country where mr. mandela was born and where he grew up as a young boy. so several events still for many days packed with a lot of emotion as the country and world say good-bye and farewell and pay tribute to nelson mandela. now back to you. breaking news just coming into our newsroom. an after-school worker at a bay area catholic school is under arrest, accused of having a sexual relationship with a student. police in hayward say
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29-year-old mia cummings and the 14-year-old victim have had an inappropriate relationship for two years. cummings is an after-school program assistant at all saints catholic school. she is facing eight felony counts of lewd acts with a child. police do not believe cummings victimized any other children. still to come, first the sales now the holiday shipping crunch. but how do you make sure your packages are safe? the answer is coming up in a live report. a coalition of high-tech companies take on government spying. we'll take a look coming up in business and tech. and a fixer upper. definitely an understatement on this one. we'll tell you why a burned out home is selling for nearly $400,000 in the south bay.
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well, today is one of the three busiest shipping, not shopping, shipping days of the
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year. record cyber monday sales mean tens of millions of their way t holiday season. >> but that means extra stealing. n chase kain is here with how to protect your presents. good morning, chase. >> reporter: good morning, guys. well, you know, police say it's sort of difficult to quantify this problem because they say so many of these thefts go unreported to police. instead, people just call the company that shipped them the merchandise and report it to them. but we are outside the biggest and busiest fedex shipping center here in all of northern california. they say today alone they're going to handle a system wide 20 million packages. that's nearly twice as many as they handle on just an average day outside the holiday season. so because of that kind of volume, it's unfortunately rather inevitable that some of those packages will not end up in the right hands. they will be stolen right off of people's doorsteps. you've probably seen surveillance video before of people just walking up and
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swiping packages right off people doorsteps in the middle of the day. it happens unfortunately all across the bay area, all across the country. that's why these large shipping companies like fedex, ups and the postal service recommend that when you're shipping things to your home, make other plans and don't leave those packages sitting right outside your front door. >> you can have a package -- if you don't expect to be home, you can have the package either delivered to your business office or perhaps another family member, or you can actually have it held at our location. we have many locations throughout the, you know, bay that we can leave a package there. at your convenience you can come pick it up. >> reporter: and that is good advice for anyone. the bottom line is that you just don't want to leave a package sitting outside, even if you say, hey, i live in a safe neighborhood, someone will keep an eye on it, it certainly can happen to you. some people say, i leave my packages underneath furniture, behind a plant so someone can't see it from the street. there are thieves who just watch
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for those delivery trucks to pull up. as soon as they pull away, the thief goes in, grabs the package and they're gone. so you should be very careful and make plans. be careful when shipping things to your home this holiday season. live in san jose, chase cane, nbc bay area news well, silicon valley's top tech companies teaming up today to take on the nsa. >> yeah, good morning. when we first learned some weeks ago the nsa had been tapping the fiber of optic cables belonging to google and yahoo! some of those companies expressed their anger in ways i can't really repeat on tv. this morning the companies are expressing their anger with full-page ads in "the washington post" and "the new york times." the coalition of twitter, facebook, apple, microsoft, linkedin, aol and yahoo! and google demanding legal reforms to control american spying on
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americans as well as putting the government on notice that those companies will encrypt their data to keep it out of government hands. the other big story this morning is the markets. you're looking at the open of the nasdaq as american airlines celebrates its merger with u.s. air. it is absolutely official, making the largest airline in america. the market's doing very well. in fact, right off the opening bell, the nasdaq hit a 13-year high. back to you. >> all those earnings, perhaps you could buy a new house. how much would you pay for a large victorian home? a few steps away from san jose state university. >> i would say about $400,000, but there's a little problem. it has some fire damage. take a look. there it is. there's 2100 square feet, four bedrooms on 7th street on the mark for $399,000. it was badly damaged in a fire back in june of 2012. there have already been several offers, including someone putting up a lot of cash for
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this thing. why? there are not a lot of places on the market and demand is high. so while some may see this home as a disaster, others see it as an opportunity. >> it has a lot of opportunities to build it and make it a nice house. >> at first glance, i wouldn't say it's worth $400,000. but i've been really surprised over things that have gone on over the last few months, stuff that i didn't think was going to go for what it did. >> the home will likely have to be torn down and rebuilt. realtors say after demolition and renovations, though, the home would likely still cost significantly less than buying a move-in ready home in the very same area. you just have to be up for the challenge, be patient, or maybe be a carpenter. >> that would be very handy, i would think. save some money there. all right. with that extra money, maybe buy a coat, a scarf, one more night of coldness. >> oh, yeah. it's going to be another freezing cold night.
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good morning to you. thanks for waking up with us on a monday. wanted to start with this live picture of san francisco. shaking a little bit here. our camera isn't holding steady. that's because the wind is picking up. we're not going to see much in the way of wind throughout the next few days. temperatures are chilly out there right now. they're going to remain chilly all day long, only jumping from the 40s, where we are now, into the low 50s later on today. 52 degrees in san francisco. 51 out in the north bay, where we had 19 degrees earlier this morning in napa. broke a record here in the south bay when we bottomed out at 25 degrees. so let's get right to it. another night of widespread frost. the temperatures are going to creep up a touch this evening. but overall, it's still going to be cold enough for that widespread frost tomorrow morning. make sure you keep an eye on your pets and dress in layers. then high pressure really starts to take control as we head through the next few days. this is going to do two things. it's going to bring about a gradual warming trend. it sets up shop over the bay area. we're going to see this stagnant
11:20 am
air mass. as a result, that thick layer of smoke gets kind of capped right over the bay area. as we head throughout the next couple days, we'll likely be sparing the air as a result. not a lot of wind and no rain to clear this out. our next chance for rain doesn't even come until we hit friday into saturday. and it's not looking very good right now. about 10% shot up in the north bay. otherwise, a gradual warming trend headed our way. at the end of the week, finally a return of the low 60s. and remember, your seven-day forecast at the bottom of your screen. back to you. >> thanks a lot. still to come, a crucial victory for the 49ers at candlestick. keeping playoff hopes alive. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets
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your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. 49ers and their fans still
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riding a little high this morning after taking down division rival seattle seahawks. >> the niners offense got off to a slow start. all they could get was field goals. with seconds left in the first half, colin kaepernick connecting with vernon davis for an eight-yard score, putting the niners up by two. then, five minutes left in the game. the 49ers trailing by one. check it out. frank gore finds a hole, takes it 51 yards. his longest run of the season. that set up a short game-winning field goal by phil dawson, his fourth of the day. the niners hang on to win it 19-17. listen to this reaction from the niners. >> we're playing playoff football. it's either win or go home. that's how we feel. every week we come out, we're going to come out and perform at a high level. >> we have to win this game. we couldn't have it any other way. because this is a team that you want to beat. i mean, they talk so much. you know, to me it's just -- ugh! you just have to beat them. >> well, the niners are now
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gearing up for sunday's game against tampa bay. well, the niners had some extra special help at candlestick park yesterday. look who it is in the stands. that kid on the sidelines. he took the day off from fighting crime to help the 49ers beat the seahawks. 5-year-old miles scott is recovering from leukemia. obviously, we all remember when the make a wish foundation along with thousands of volunteers turned san francisco into gotham city to make his wish come true. what a cutie. and instead of resting after yesterday's big game, anquan boldin spends the morning helping out some kids, posing for pictures too. he gave 60 children from san jose a shopping spree at the levi store in valley fair. they each received a $100 gift card, a customized fitting 49ers sweater and scarf and got to shop with him as well. >> all right. well, with the freezing weather we've had, it can be unbearable
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to be outside. wait until we show you the outdoor activity many did in freezing temperatures. we'll show you after the break.
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apparently the cold weather gripping part of the nation doesn't bother everyone. >> in billings, montana, the temperature for saturday's polar bear plunge, 18 below. >> that's crazy. >> ow. it was for a good cause, they say. >> oh, my gosh. >> 47 people jumped into an ice cold lake to raise money for the special olympics. some may have even enjoyed the water as much as they enjoyed helping others. officials say this year's polar bear plunge raised nearly $18,000. it's crazy and it's great video, and i'm glad we're looking at it. $18,000 for charity. i guess it's worth it. >> it's a good cause, but oh, my goodness. that's got to burn. all right. >> makes it feel warm around here. >> truckey was 20 below this morning. puts things into perspective. >> go for a plunge down there. >> have a great day, everybody. [chris]still smoking up a storm?
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